Accreditation of workplace and independent training providers with the QCTO, the 21 SETA Quality Assurance Providers (QAP’s) and Private QAP’s for:

  1. Primary scope (first time) accreditation;
  2. Secondary scope (extension of training scope) accreditation / learning programme approval;
  3. Accreditation renewals (to begin 6 months before accreditation expiry date).



For the busy Training CEO or Manager who wants to get on with their core business activities without the fuss and added stress of policy development and/or dealing with the SETA / QCTO, we offer fully comprehensive SAQA (SETA and QCTO) aligned, customised and branded Training Provider QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (QMS) and Accreditation Management Solutions.

Our fully comprehensive QMS will provide everything you need to run an efficient and effective Training Company.  It is not just a business “statement of intent” or base document covering the policies and procedure of that the business intends to develop and implement.

We offer you our “top of the range option”:

EXECUTIVE SUPREME ACCREDITATION TOOLKIT for multi-scope Training Providers who intend to extend to offer training that is Quality Assured by more than one SETA QAP and/or the QCTO.

1. Executive Supreme Accreditation Toolkit

  • A comprehensive, customised operational Total Quality Management System with implementation tools and templates;
  • A free ETDP SETA accredited Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator distance training course (3 free courses!)
  • Proven track record of successful accreditation
  • Accepted by ALL SETAS and quality assurance partners (QAP’s);
  • We manage the entire accreditation project from A to Z;
  • QMS implementation training and assistance post accreditation.
  • No need for additional policies when applying for extensions of scope.

ESSENTIAL ACCREDITATION TOOLKIT for single scope Training Providers who offer training that will be quality assured with one Primary Scope SETA or the QCTO. These training providers do NOT intend to extend their scope of training beyond their Primary Scope SETA.

2. Essential Accreditation Toolkit

  • A comprehensive, customised QMS with implementation tools as required for Primary Scope accreditation only;
  • Proven track record of successful accreditation;
  • Accepted by ALL SETAS and quality assurance bodies;
  • We complete your accreditation PoE and accreditation application for you to submit to your relevant SETA or the QCTO;
  • Additional documents may be required when applying for extensions of scope with secondary scope SETA/S.


1. Fundamental QMS Option

  • A fully CUSTOMISED and branded concise, single document BASE QMS template referencing all the elementary policies and procedures required for accreditation, with some basic implementation tools and templates as required by your SETA / QA body;

CONCISE QMS for the Training Provider who has all the implementation tools required but needs a BASE QMS to submit for accreditation whilst they develop their own fully comprehensive QMS from the BASE document.

2. Concise QMS Option

  • A concise, CUSTOMIZABLE single document BASE QMS referencing all the elementary policies and procedures required for accreditation.




List of Individual Policies and Procedures

If your existing QMS is only missing a few elements, we offer fully customisable, comprehensive individual policy and procedure documents that may be purchased as “stand-alone” policies, or for addition to your existing QMS, or as a foundation from which to develop a policy that defines your own unique internal operations.

If you are unable to find a policy and procedure document that you need from our list, please contact us and we will develop it for you.

List of Individual Policies and Procedures (Prices on Request)

1. Academic Appeals & Disputes
2. Accreditation and Registration Management
3. Administration Management
4. Appeals and Disputes and Complaints Policy and Procedure
5. Assessment and Pre-assessment Policy and Procedure
6. Assessment Policy & Procedure
7. Assessor Registration
8. CAT (Credit Accumulation and Transfer) Policy and Procedure
9. Client and Marketing Policy and Procedure
10. Combined Human Resources Policy and Procedure
11. Communication Policy and Procedure
12. Document and Record Management Policy and Procedure
13. Emergency Evacuation Procedure
14. Employee / Learner Grievance Management Policy and Procedure
15. Employee and Learner Induction and On-boarding Policy and Procedure
16. Employee Education, Training & Development Policy and Procedure
17. Employee Performance Management Policy and Procedure
18. Employee Recruitment, Selection and Placement Policy and Procedure
19. Employee Study Assistance Policy and Procedure
20. Employment Equity Policy and Procedure
21. Financial Management Policy and Procedure
22. First and Second Learning Language Policy and Procedure
23. Labour Relations Policy and Procedure
24. Learner Certification Policy and Procedure
25. Learner Credit Transfer Policy and Procedure
26. Learner Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
27. Learner Entry, Guidance & Support Policy and Procedure (includes Learners with Special Needs)
28. Learner Management Policy and Procedure
29. Learner Record and Reporting (QALA) Policy and Procedure
30. Learner Records Database
31. Learner Recruitment & Selection Policy and Procedure
32. Learning Programme Development, Delivery & Evaluation Policy and Procedure
33. Moderation and Verification (Internal and External Moderation) Policy and Procedure
34. Moderator Registration Policy and Procedure
35. Occupational Health & Safety Policy and Procedure
36. Off-site Learning Delivery Policy and Procedure
37. QMS Monitoring, Evaluation & Review Policy and Procedure
38. Quality Assurance Policy and Procedure Policy and Procedure
39. Re-assessment Policy and Procedure Policy and Procedure
40. Risk Management Policy and Procedure
41. RPL Policy & Procedure
42. Strategic Management Policy & Procedure
43. Training Equipment, Resource & Inventory List and Booking Form
44. Work Place Management Policy and Procedure

QMS Implementation Tools and Templates (Prices on Enquiry)

Having the best QMS may be likened to having the best recipe and for the most delicious cake, without having the right tools (measuring cups and spoons, bowls, cake pans, oven) and the best ingredients to make it.

Whilst a QMS sets the rules, instructions and guidelines for consistent, efficient and effective business operations, the workplace activities cannot happen without the required implementation tools, templates and operational documents.

We have developed a set of operational tools, documents and templates that are critical to the effective and efficient implementation of a training provider QMS.

If you are unable to find a document or template that you need from our list of pre-developed tools, please contact us and we will develop it for you.

List of QMS Implementation Tools and Templates (Prices on Request)

1. 12-month and 5-year Financial Projection / Budget Template
2. Academic Appeal Form
3.  Advance Application Form
4. Application for Employment Forms
5. Assessment Plan
6. Assessor Assessment Documents
7. Business Plan Template
8. Candidate Interview Guide
9. Candidate Interview Template
10. Certificates of Attendance Templates
11. Certificates of Competence Templates (as per QALA requirements)
12. Chairman’s Learner Disciplinary Enquiry Checklist
13. Chairpersons Disciplinary Enquiry Checklist
14. Company Profile Template
15. Contracts of Employment:
15.1. Permanent Employees
15.2. Fixed Term Employees
15.3. Independent Contractors Agreement
15.4. Independent Contractors SLA
16. Specialist Freelance Service Provider Contracts:
16.1. Facilitator
16.2. Assessor
16.3. Moderator
17. Specialist Staff / Service Provider Service Level Agreements (SLA’s):
17.1. Facilitator
17.2. Assessor
17.3. Moderator
18. Customer Satisfaction Survey Template
19. Emergency Evacuation Roll Call
20. Employee / Contractor Non-disclosure agreement
21.  Employee Acknowledgement of Document Receipt
22.  Employee Application for Financial Assistance
23.  Employee Application for Training and Development
24.  Employee Counselling Record
25.  Employee Counselling Session 1
26.  Employee Counselling Session 2
27.  Employee Details Form
28.  Employee Disciplinary Code of Conduct
29.  Employee Goal Planning Form
30.  Employee Ill Health Incapacity Investigation
31.   mployee Induction and On-boarding
32.  Employee Performance Appraisal
33.  Employee Personal Development Plan Template
34.  Employment Equity Declaration
35.  ETD Staff List with Credentials
36.  Exit Interview Questionnaire
37.  Generic Assessment Result & Feedback/Form
38.  Generic Curriculum Strategy & Alignment Template
39.  Generic External Moderation & Verification Report
40.  Generic Facilitator Guide with Formative & Summative Assessment Model Answers Templates
41.  Generic Learner Assessment Review & Feedback Form
42.  Generic Learner Guide Template
43.  Generic Learner PoE Guide / Assessment Template
44.  Generic Learner Workbook Template
45.  Generic Moderators Guide, Plan, and Report on Assessment Documents
46.  Grievance Outcome and Feedback Form
47.  Grievance Outcome Appeal Form
48.  Grievance Reporting Form
49.  Implementation Document Review Template
50. Learner Application for Enrolment
51.  Learner Attendance Register
52.  Learner Booking Form with Fees
53.  Learner Counselling Record
54.  Learner Details Form
55.  Learner Disciplinary Code of Conduct
56.  Learner Goal Planning Form
57.  Learner Notice of Suspension
58.  Learner Notice to Appeal Outcome of Hearing or Assessment
59.  Learner Notice to Attend a Disciplinary Enquiry
60.  Learner Registration & Enrolment Form
61.  Learner Support Meeting Template
62.  Learning Materials Review Request Template
63.  Leave Application Form
64.  Letter of Appointment
65.  Letter of Regret
66.  Loan Agreement & Repayment Form
67.  Minutes of Meeting Template
68.  New Appointment Checklist
69.  Notice of Dismissal
70.  Notice of Suspension
71.  Notice to Appeal Outcome of Hearing
72.  Notice to Attend a Disciplinary Enquiry
73.  Notice to Learner of Expulsion
74.  Offer of Employment Letter
75.  Organisational Structure with Roles
76.  Organogram Template
77.  Outcome of Appeal and Request for Re-assessment Form
78.  Outcome of Learner Disciplinary Enquiry
79.  Personal Credential Verification Authorisation
80.  Policy and Procedures Document Review Template
81.  Pre-assessment Meeting Plan and Checklist
82.  Probationary Employee Performance Review
83.  Record of Disciplinary Action
84.  Record of Disciplinary Enquiry Proceedings
85.  Request & Authorisation to Recruit.
86.  Role Profile Template
87.  Safety Representative Inspection Checklist
88.  Telephonic Reference Check
89.  Training Course Evaluation & Feedback Form
90.  Training Equipment and Inventory List and Booking Form
91.  Training Facility Layout Examples
92.  Warning Form & Outcome of Disciplinary Enquiry
93.  Workplace / Training Area Safety Plans



Accreditation Project Management Flow Chart

Project Management Process and Flow Chart KEY

  • SP = Services Provider – SETA Accreditation Services
  • TP = Training Provider – Client
  • QAP = Quality Assurance Provider – SETA or QCTO
  • ETQA = SETA / QCTO Quality Assurance Department
  • PoE = Accreditation Portfolio of Evidence
  • T-A-T = Turn-around-time

Accreditation Project Management Process


We assist with the sourcing and supply of “Accreditation Ready” Learning Materials at the best possible prices. We only use reputable material developers and providers who have a proven track record.


Historical / Legacy Occupational Qualification Material Packs

All CORE and FUNDAMENTAL unit standards and the required minimum number of credits in ELECTIVE unit standards:

  • Curriculum Statement
  • Learning Programme Alignment Matrices
  • Facilitator Guides
  • Learner Guides
  • Workbooks
  • Practical Workplace Logbooks (for learnerships)
  • Formative Assessments
  • Formative Assessment Model Answers (Facilitator Assessment Guides)
  • Summative Assessments
  • Summative Assessment Model Answers / Memo’s
  • Integrated Summative Assessment
  • Integrated Summative Assessment Model Answers
  • Learner Portfolios of Evidence (PoE’s)
  • Moderator Guide

Historical / Legacy Unit Standard Packs

  • Learning Programme Alignment Matrices
  • Facilitator Guides
  • Learner Guides and Workbooks
  • Facilitator Assessment Guides (including model answers)
  • Learner Assessment Guides (PoE)

QCTO Occupational Qualification Material Packs

  • Programme Alignment / Curriculum Alignment
  • Learner Guide
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Assessment Guide
  • Learner Workbook
  • Summative Assessments
  • Practical Task Guide
  • Alignment Matrix


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